LED Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree

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Sophisticated and elegant tree with hand-carved trunk, incredibly detailed, just like a natural tree. It is ideal for use in commercial displays, whether it be for use in shopping malls,restaurants, shops and hotels, or simply around the home.


Model: C180

Size: W:150cm, H:180cm

Function: steady


1.Holiday decoration, such as Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Easter, etc.


3.Home Decoration



Item No.DimensionBranch Nos.LED Nos.PowerInputOutputFrequency
C450W:350cm, H:450cm65pcs5200pcs350W110V/220V24V50Hz/60Hz
C430W:290cm, H:430cm26pcs2600pcs160W110V/220V24V50Hz/60Hz
C350W:270cm, H:350cm26pcs2600pcs160W110V/220V24V50Hz/60Hz
C310W:280cm, H:310cm25pcs2000pcs120W110V/220V24V50Hz/60Hz
C280W:260cm, H:280cm53pcs2120pcs150W110V/220V24V50Hz/60Hz
C180W:150cm, H:180cm10pcs800pcs60W110V/220V24V50Hz/60Hz
C145W:120cm, H:145cm8pcs448pcs30W110V/220V24V50Hz/60Hz
C080W:90cm, H:80cm8pcs280pcs15W110V/220V24V50Hz/60Hz
C070W:70cm, H:70cm7pcs175pcs15W110V/220V24V50Hz/60Hz
C130BW:80cm, H:130cm1pcs120pcs8W4.5V 3×AA batteries
C050BW:60cm, H:50cm1pcs68pcs5W4.5V 3×AA batteries

Styles and Colours Options 

Our artificial trees  come in a number of styles and colours designed to suit any occasion. Browse through our wide range of options to find the best fit for your event or project. 


*Any inquiries with different specification, please contact with our sales department for further information.

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