LED Artificial Willow Tree

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The natural structure of a willow tree is captivating,  its illuminated leaves that drape softly down to the floor. In a light breeze, the branches will often gently sway. It's the perfect installation indoors and out.


Model: W180

Size: W:130cm, H:180cm

Function: steady


1.Holiday decoration, such as Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Easter, etc.


3.Home Decoration



Item No.DimensionBranch Nos.LED Nos.PowerInputOutputFrequency
W280W:270cm, H:280cm32pcs3072pcs200W110V/220V24V50Hz/60Hz
W180W:130cm, H:180cm11pcs1208pcs80W110V/220V24V50Hz/60Hz
W145W:120cm, H:145cm8pcs544pcs40W110V/220V24V50Hz/60Hz

Styles and Colours Options  

Our artificial trees  come in a number of styles and colours designed to suit any occasion. Browse through our wide range of options to find the best fit for your event or project.

LED Artificial Willow Tree

*Any inquiries with different specification, please contact with our sales department for further information.

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